Being Nobody

I guess, nobody wants to be nobody...

All of us wants to be 'somebody'. We want to be special at least for our beloved one. But some of us, are desperate of being 'somebody'. Being famous. Being celebrity. (don't you?). Some of us are desperate of showing his/her greatness.

But, what if...there's a beauty of being nobody? What if, being nobody will release all the depress you've created all along? What if, there's a beauty of living your life as the way it is?

I think, most of our problem caused by our desire to be special. Everyone wants to be special. If this life separated into two place, first is for people who desire to be 'special' and the second one is for them, who has no desire for it. Then the first place must be a very crowded place. It must be gross, noisy, clamorous. Everyone is a contender. It must be tiring.

The second place must be a peaceful place. Relaxed and filled by serenity


  1. I think, it is better if we are being ourselves..

    hidup terlalu singkat untuk berusaha menjadi orang lain maan!

  2. if my opinion, be youself. because, we are unique. Semua orang itu pasti ada bedanya yang membedakannya dari orang lain. Ga usah jadi orang lain hanya untuk menjadi spesial terlebih untuk orang yang kita cintai.

  3. all@ ho'oh... (sorri dikomen balik kaya gini)-->>the point is agree

  4. I want nobody nobody but you *plok2
    I want nobody nobody but you *plok2
    Nan dareun sarameun sirheo
    niga animyeon sirheo
    I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

    **wondergirls - nobody mode: on :D

  5. Komen pake bahasa apa nih? hehehee..

    Maybe, i'm so busy to be somebody..
    Sometimes, i feel so tired to be somebody..
    Sometimes, i feel so happy to be somebody..
    But, sometimes i feel like nobody..
    and sometimes i wanna be nobody..

    That is me. Live with many desires because i am a human.
    Finnaly, all i want is being HAPPY. Just it.

    I write this because i feel like nobody now and I just feel unhappy =(

  6. kenapa om?
    btw. makasih udah nulis di blogku :)

  7. habibi@ hahahaha... so I just hope you find your own happiness. whoever you are. whatever you are. Have fun!

    JT@ sama-sama... trims juga sudah dikasi kesempatan nulis di situ. hihihi

  8. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  9. tapi kayaknya emang kebanyakan orang pengen jadi somebody ya..

    paling gak buat somebody yang lain..
    *gak nyambung* u_u

  10. Sepertinya, ada koq orang yang ingin menjadi nobody,lebih tepatnya ingin menghilang(sama gak ya,maksudnya??hehe...).Aq dulu sering banget berharap kayak gt.

    Tapi, there's no need for us to make ourselves special, because we r special, just need to explore ourselves and do what we "want" to do.

  11. bestari ma Kacho@
    I like your comment guys...

  12. Now if anyone asks me to talk, I tell myself, whats the point? Half an hour is all this person would have for me, after that he would start attempting to shut me up with wisdom of other people which he never imbibed in his own life, and I’m guilty of desiring a good listener who can listen to me or anyone in no rush and earnestly, not in a hurry to boast his own theories or come to faulty conclusions, and I aspire to be kind of a good listener and reader then problem solver than somebody :)

  13. hendra@ I'm with you! some time its happen to me too. XD


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