Is Studying English or other Foreign Languages decrease your Nationalism?

I have a big-big passion to study foreign languages, specially English (the second one is Spain and Japanese). Even though, I’m not going to say that I have a good English, excellence speaking and grammatically accurate (No, not yet!). Most of you would have barely laughed out if I said that. But I do, really, desire to be able to speak and write in English.

Once I’ve heard from someone, that language is confinement. The people who speak in Javanese will speak to them who speak in Javanese. The person who only speak in Bahasa, will speak to the others who understand Bahasa only. You can’t have a conversation in Spain to them who speak in Japanese. So, realize or not, this difference create barrier between us. We are imprisoned by our language ability. Learning the foreign languages is one way to break out from this confinement.

For them, who is bilingual or trilingual (able two speak in two or three languages or even more) have a wider field to interact or learning than them who only speak in one language. They can read more books than most of people. Some people may be think it's not a big deal, but for me; who always want to know more and more about everything and learn anything as much as I could,  I don't want to live in this small cage forever!

Sometime, it's kinda irritating when your friends thought you just being cocky when you speak (or read and write things) in English. Even if it was only a single word in your FB status, some of your friends migth complained you. Most of them will say, "hei, cintai bahasa Indonesia!" "jangan sok britis", "alah sok inggris", etc. In fact, it has nothing to do with my nationalism. I use English or another foreign languages not because I hate Indonesia, or I want to look smart. It just because I want to get used to it.

They may say, "bahasa inggris ancur gitu aja bikin lu PD!".

Well,  if I keep paralyzed myself with their criticism, forever my English won't go anywhere. You can't be perfect at your first, second, or third trial rigth? It may takes hunderds, thousands, millions or even more. They may said it's impossible and wasting time, but I think it just because we have a different passion. So leave me alone with my passion and you can go ahead with your own. I won't bother.

About two years ago, My friend and I went to The Jakarta Post. One of the staff, may be about 40 years old (was he a manager or a senior journalist? this is my weakness: forgetful), He said, "Indonesia lack of writers, specially writers who writes in English. No matter how good we think our English is, it still sounds strange for the foreigner. That's the reason why, most of the writer who wrote about Indonesia are not Indonesian." In The Jakarta Post itself, they still hire foreigners. Don't you find it is kind of ironic? The fact that we can even write about ourself? We can't tell the world about our nation or our culture from our own view, and that because of our English sounds too strange for them? And we just let other people do that for us? It must be different rite, when people talk about your nation than when you talk about it by yourself?

So come on guys, stop using the word nationalism to hide your lazyness.
This is for Indonesia.... :)


  1. hahahah ... effect globalisasi, tergantung kepada dan bagaimana sekitar kita.. harus pintar pintar menempatkan ... you take point .. hemmm ...

  2. brikop@
    huuh, brikop, why don't you leave a comment in English? I know you have a good English... :(

    I don't care whether it is the effect of globalization or not. all I'm saying is, it gives me more chance to learn things. Because I love learning.. :)

    I made my point by the way...

  3. "It may takes hunderds, thousands, millions or even more. " yeah it's really hard to make it as our habit right?? and it almost make me give long, my english doesn't getting better.. :((

    "So come on guys, stop using the word nationalism to hide your lazyness.
    This is for Indonesia.... :)" <-- can't agree more.. ^^

  4. rabest@
    hahaha thanks Tidy (rapi)...heheheh
    Come on don't give up!

    >>hei, do you still remember the man from The Jakarta Post? you were there rite?

  5. yes, I was there too..I just remember his posture but I forgot what his name and how his face was..hahahha

  6. hmm, I'm agree, even my english very worst >_<

    some people just jealous when they know we can speak eng and they don't, hahha.. *pede banget lo

  7. Yup ... No matter how bad my english is, I still want to make it better by keep training and learning.

    And about Nationalism, I think one reason why I want to learn so many foreign languages is because I love Indonesia, I want Indonesia can stand in global stage more than today so one day, foreign people won't ask anymore, where is Indonesia ?

    Oh, I'm feel so thankful because I'm Indonesian, because our tongue can spell and pronounce many languages.

  8. Nyla Baker@
    Glad to know you're agree

    Tiara Putri@
    yeah, I think so. It so sad to know that most people in the world doesn't know where is on earth Indonesia... :(

    And yes, as Indonesian, at least we are accustomed to speak in two language: our local language and Bahasa Indonesia.

  9. I agree with u, learning the foreign languages is a primary demand for us :) regards :)

  10. i think based on situation, huda. if the situation must communicate in english, yeah no prob. but if just in daily life, i think we must speak indonesia. there's time to communicate in english, bro.

    but i'm very agree with ur statement. stop using the word nationalism to hide your lazyness.

    that's right, but need thinking the using. :)

  11. some of us really wanna good in English,bt they don't know how to be. in my mind, just use it,everywhere,everytime. don't be shy. practice make perfect.

    as be honest, i'm not really a nasionalism. ^^

  12. Aulawi@
    thank you..
    hei, thanks for dropping by..

    Yeah sure. I won't use English at Angkringan, or when I buy pecel lele.

    But why not using it everyday? of course not all the time, but at least, four ours in a day may be? or getting yourself used to an English articles, reads one in a day? (may be)

    yuhuuu, agree. practice make perfect.

    I know you're not nasionalism. You're fundamentalism rite?

  13. Well, I can't agree more with you, since English is very important.

    In my opinion, to start learning English in joy, we have to love it first, that'll make us happy when interacting with English materials.

    Some people just making excuses by saying those things, when actually they're jealous because they can't use English well.

    "So come on guys, stop using the word nationalism to hide your lazyness.
    This is for Indonesia.... :)"
    Love that statement.. :D

  14. actually, i really like this posting. The easiest way to learn some language is to be brave to practice it. Whatever how screwed it is, how embarasing what you spell, or even you make stupid mistake.. If we wouldnt try, we never know how to use it.

  15. exclude from this topic, (kecintaan berlebih terhadap negara, menimbulkan banyak perpecahan).

    itu hapah? ^^a

  16. tahu aja kalo aku mau alasan pake nasionalisme

  17. Adryan Nurdien@
    hehehe, thanks..
    yeah, first we have to love it...enjoy it!

    yupz, How could we know if we never try... ^^

    "(kecintaan berlebih terhadap negara, menimbulkan banyak perpecahan)">>what you mean by that??

    rrr.. don't take it personal (about the fundamentalism) just kidding... --"


  18. gk usah pake english yaa.(lidah saya keram.hehe)
    contohnya, soal batik kemaren, ribut sama malay. padahal klw dipikir kan kita satu rumpun,persaudaraannya sdah kental banget.
    yang diributin terlalu sepele,nah itu salah satu efek dari nasionalisme.
    *opini saya* ^^

  19. nice post, Huda. maybe we have to re-define the meaning of nationalism. it's not about what language that we use in our daily conversation but about how we act and what we do to our country.
    thanks for sharing.

  20. I couldn't agree more :)
    I am really happy you wrote about this topic. Maybe you should start from ur own environment. Speak english no matter what, write in enlish, join english club (it is free and online and worldwide through internet), read english books, etc.

    And I think, your english is good! :)

  21. you wrote in good english...
    Just need more practice.
    Practice makes perfect ;)

  22. but the best way to strength our english skill, i think we can use blog, like you used to do. hehehe...

  23. That's right, hud. Somehow we are hiding behind 'nationalism' to say that speaking English is not too important. But, your writing says different.

    It's a good post. Nice to read it.
    Keep post in English! :)

  24. Great!
    Anyway, I've read the text above in three times. (yesterday, the day before yesterday and today, lol)

    I remember about my lecturer advice. She said "If u are in English Department Faculty, so u've to show ur ability on it, like writing ur status on facebook in English language certainly.

    Woaaaaa, I want to do like you Hud! Write an article in English language someday. I promise ^^

  25. Faiza@
    oooh... (balas pake bahasa Indonesia aja)>> iya, saya juga ga setuju ma yang nyolot-nyolot sewaktu Batik kemarin. Tapi mungkin itu bukan soal nasionalisme yang berlebihan. Lebih ke caranya aja yang mungkin ga kreatip dalam menunjukkan rasa nasionalsime.

    dan saya tidak mau menganggap 'batik' sebagai hal spele. Tapi juga akan sangat konyol kalau kita berperang demi 'batik'.

    Mb Rifka@
    hi, thanks for the comment. I think so what really mater is what we give to our country... :)

    yups! thanks... I try to read and write English as much as I can, from now on.. Once I've joined English club in my former University.

    Mila Said@

    that's exactly what I mean.

    really? hehehe
    someday? what about today? or... what about right now??

  26. too busy.
    bcoz I've to submit my assignments and prepare for the final test ^^

  27. he'em betul2..

    btw soal vote yg kedua ini, ga ada tag gambar? apa udah ga ada lagi?

  28. Glad that you post in English. :)

    Well, you get the point. Language is more like a habit. To be fluent in one language, you need to practice it. The more you use it, the more you will get used to it. It has nothing to do with nationalism or what the hell it is. :D


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