Greed and Fear

When I was a kid, the word Heaven easily amazed me. And Hell made me terrified. But now, it's so boring (and ridiculous some time). Is that what is all about? Lets' say, heaven and hell does really exist, but is that what this life's all about? Have everyone noticed that it sounds like a big joke? God, create human, just to make their life end up in two places: Heaven and Hell.

Sometime people think, if you don't care (or disbelief) about heaven and hell, that will make you living this life as a monster. In fact, lots of people who believes in it, turned exactly as a monster, or a massacre. Do you think, why a man explode himself in a middle of crowd and killing everyone else who has nothing to do with his faith or his disappointment or whatsoever. They believe, by doing that they will end up in heaven. *how do they know?

Once, I 'v read that heaven creates greed and hell creates fear. So people living their life between his fear of hell and greed for heaven. We even fight for it. "I have to do this! I have to stop him doing that, so God would like me and give me a place in heaven." or, "I won't let them do that, or God will be angry, and sent me into hell. I have to save the world!"

That's neurotic.

Hey, have you ever heard a very old story? About a man who lived his life so straight, avoiding any kind of crime, filling his every single time with observance. He never took anything which didn't belong to him. When he had nothing to eat, he ate sand instead. Sand? yup, sand! (not sandwich :P ). Time after time, finally He--as every living creature--passed a away. So, there he was, sitting in a very comfortable chair and ready to hear what God had for him.

God said, "with my own grace, because you were living your life with so much  kindness and loyalty, I give you a very special place in heaven." God smiled.

The man didn't look surprised at all, "thank you," he said. But a moment later, he realized something "wait a minute... with your own grace?"

"Yup! my own grace". God nodded.

"your own G.R.A.C.E.?" he started to spell 'the word'. Now he really looked surprised.

"with my own G.R.A.C.E."

"But, what about what I've done? about my observance, about those days I've spent with sands for my breakfast, and my lunch, and my dinner? What about the nights I've been through by worshiping you on your name? don't you ever count on it? It supposed to cost something!"

"Alrigth," God answered, "Gel..." He called one of His angel, "take his left eye, and then weigh it with his reward (pahala). With his life time reward, remember. Don't left anything"  So, angel took his left eye, and weigh it with his life-time- reward.

And then... the result was quite shocking. His left eye heavier than his reward. So, ladies and gentlemen, the modis and the cemen, that man ended up in Hell. His observance means nothing compared to his left eye! (kinda sad ending).

That just one story (and it's quiet popular). You might also already heard about a dog who sent to heaven in Ashabul Kahfi story. Or about an escort, who also got a place in heaven because helping a dog in a desert. You know what, heaven and hell belongs to God,  not you, not me, or anyone who thought he/she knows everything. It really makes me sick if someone tells me don't do this and don't do that, or you'll be thrown out into hell--as if heaven and hell belongs to him/her. It may be work for a kid, but not for me, (and not for you, rite?). May be, something that looks so wrong for you, is so right for me. May be what we think is disgusting, is valuable for others.

We think, if we throw out heaven and hell from our mind, this life will turn into a chaos. As a matter of fact, we already in a chaos. Lets just don't make it worst. If we really honest to our self, we know it when we do wrong (we feel awful), and we know it when we do things right.


  1. live according to their respective religious teachings. that life does not only have to do good. ideology will not run out for discussion. but whose name could only feel pain when suffering from

  2. jadi, mungkin memang benar kata-kata Purgatory dalam lagunya Angerball:

    God, save me from my self..

    bukan karena faktor luar kita masuk ke neraka atau surga, tapi karena diri kita sendiri, memilih untuk masuk neraka atau surga..

    nice tausiyah mas..

  3. only Zy@
    Please forgive me for my bad English :(, I don't get your point.

    anyway, I love your blog, love your posts too... :)

    Yudi Darmawan@
    mungkin memang gitu kali ya?

    God, save me from myself #langsung berdo'a.

  4. it was about right and wrong, errrr make it simple, in my own way the old stories about Heaven & Hell in my past influential enough, sometimes. But when I grow up, find myself give me a try to think in relative way, that's all is relative!Awesome, hard to do, too yeah hey everyone with their free minds, their ways, their reasons. I want I always remember that&respect. thanks for good post.

  5. yeaaah, sometimes someone forget the God because never put his problem and his life for just one minute. hmmmm

    frankly, i believe hell and heaven do exist. but i choose to uncare them... no thinking about them more and more..... life is more beautiful if we can life with enjoy. don't thinking where will we go till we dead. and just let God choose the best place for us, HELL or HEAVEN.

  6. I agree that without the concept of heaven & hell, this world will be chaos. They're our guide to live in this world, to do more goodness and avoid bad things.

  7. I agree with you :) Heaven or hell is His prerogrative, it's beyond human knowledge.

    btw, it's tickling me, the way you describe how God called one of His angel by "...gel" :)

  8. Rose@
    yupz.. it is important to respect others.. :). Some time it also hard to difference between right and wrong (like you said, relative). so it's better to respect each other than 'trying' to save the world and make everything worst.

    yeah, just enjoy this life. let's just do the right thing because we know it's right, and avoid bad things because we know it is bad. not because we obsessed of heaven or hell.

    Mila Said@
    Probably it supposed to be that way, but sometime what really happen is exactly the opposite. But, if the concept makes someone a better person, that's good for her/him...:)

    Tiara Putri@
    yups, it is beyond our knowledge.

    heheh, nice to know you were tickling. I love the sound of tickle by the way.

  9. I ever hear and red that old story, but I neva read it in English anyway.. hoho ^^ (gutjob, ailaikit)

    I believe about heaven and hell.
    but, I cant say too much to explain it, bcoz i'm going stupid rait now. ==;

  10. manusia telah ditakdirkan masuk surga atau neraka sebelum dia keluar dari perut ibunya ...

    lantas, amatlah tidak kaget aku dengan cerita itu :)

  11. Mana orangnya ini?? Sibuk ibadahhh kah ;)

  12. I want to read those story, 'bout that man completely.
    Maybe I'm one of people who's say to everyone like 'don't do that', don't be naughty and others. Or I know that someone doing something worst but I just silent and left this way to give someone advice also attention. What do you think?

  13. firstly, I want to give two thumbs up for you becoz you still consistent with your willing to post in english.. :) I really want to, but...males, hehehe

    about heaven and hell.. I do believe that all of 'em are exist,..whether it could be reach by human's brain or not.

    but talking about greed and fear as the way to get there, maybe I have a different opinion about it.. :)
    I think for the first time (when we were a child) it still ok to use the "fear" and "willing" (not greed) as the motivation to do this and that, but as the time goes by, we should see it in a deeper meaning,..

    for some people (sufi etc) hoping heaven as the reward and avoid the hell as the punishment is not suitable anymore.. but, it still ok for them who just trying to get the main point of our worshiping..
    at least we want to know it more..

    yaaah..finally, everyone has their own opinion about it.. :))

  14. Mungkin banyak orang yang salah paham mengenai kedudukan surga dan neraka. apalagi juga ditambah dengan "pemandangan" yang memilukan (halah).

    Yah, yang jelas adanya surga dan neraka itu memang tidak sesimpel yang selama ini diajarkan oleh orang2, yah menurutku begitu.Mungkin kalo aku bilangnya tanpa keduanya, bukan dunianya yang chaos. Tapi, manusianya yang chaos. Dalam artian, manusia yang selalu mengejar kebahagiaan akan lebih mudah "terjerat" jika tanpa kedua hal itu. Memang, ada yang begitu kuat jiwanya, tapi bukankah sebagian besarnya tidak sekuat itu??Tuhan gak mungkin juga kan hanya memperhatikan orang-orang yang jiwanya kuat itu dan meninggalkan yang lemah??Tuhan itu selalu adil, dan karenanya akan ada selalu sesuatu buat kita, tidak peduli bagaimanapun diri kita. Tinggal kitanya yang memilih. Tidak semua manusia berusaha begitu kerasnya jika tanpa "reward/imbalan". begitu pula sebaliknya. Dan, Qrasa, karena itulah ada surga dan neraka.

    Tapi, walaubagaimanapun memang gak bsa membenarkan orang yang main hakim sendiri. Memang, surga bukan milik mereka, pun bukan pula hak mereka untuk memutuskan. Tapi, Tuhan gak akan memutuskan sesuatu hanya karena kemurahan hatiNya, pasti akan adil dengan apa yang telah kita lakukan. Seharusnya seperti itu,kan?

    Aku, meskipun cukup menakuti neraka dan mengharapkan surga, tapi sepertinya aku berkembang dengan sedikit banyak gak menghiraukan hal itu. Soalnya, entah kenapa pemikiranku tidak bisa dihentikan meskipun aku berusaha untuk menghentikannya.

  15. I think God create heaven and hell is not only to make people living their life between his fear of hell and greed for heaven. malah saya mulai berpikir kalau bukan itu maksudnya.

    saya melihat kalo surga disini lebih tepat jika diposisikan sebagai tujuan. yang mana bisa menambah motivasi beberapa manusia untuk menjalankan ibadah, yang mana ibadah merupakan alasan Tuhan menciptakan manusia. seperti diketahui tidak semua manusia mau menjalankan ibadah tanpa ada imbalannya bukan?
    ah jadi lagu banget ya. tahu lagunya Ahmad dhani dan Chrisye yang judulnya jika surga dan neraka tak pernah ada?

    "We think, if we throw out heaven and hell from our mind, this life will turn into a chaos"
    things that would make this life turn into a chaos bukanlah ada atau tidaknya surga dan neraka dalam pikiran kita. life will turn into a chaos if we live our life without a rules. Mau ataupun tidak mau, hukum itu perlu. iya kan?

  16. @John: "manusia telah ditakdirkan masuk surga atau neraka sebelum dia keluar dari perut ibunya ..."

    maksudnya gimana tuh? pengen tahu lebih jelas.. :)

  17. all@
    yihaaaaa... I'm so happy to read your comments guys.

    jawab pakai bahasa indonesia aja ya:

    mungkin, pada akhirnya, kita tuh harus kembali menanyakan ke diri masing-masing apa yang memotivasi kita melakukan ini dan itu. Kita juga tidak boleh menghakimi orang lain atas apa yang dia lakukan. Bisa saja orang yang kita anggap hina mendapat tempat spesial di sisi Tuhan.

    Kita juga harus rendah hati, tidak boleh merasa superior dengan keyakinan kita. ga boleh merasa paling alim sendiri, ga boleh merasa paling disayang sendiri, ga boleh merasa paling spesial sendiri. Kalau PSK dan seekor anjing bisa mendapat tempat di surga, sementara orang alim sepanjang hidupnya malah berakhir di neraka, itu berarti, kita sebenarnya ga punya hak untuk menilai orang lain.


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